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Castiel and Sam attend Stanford
Dean goes to a local community College while Gabe is around to annoy his baby brother. Mostly.

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because I promised doodles. 

I decided to go for end game pairing doodles.

By Endgame I mean it takes Gabe and Sam a few years. 

The writing on the gabe sam one says ‘its endgame guys. and s-22 and g-29.’ ages for when they’re endgame.

time has gotten away from me and I haven’t been drawing much, but I have been working on an ask I got WAY back in like, freaking May, SORRY FOR THE WAIT PERSON WHO ASKED. Its got two parts and is complicated due to 4 people per part so 8I Most of whom I’ve never drawn OTL; I’m too painstakingly anal about being as close to likability as possible so, I’ve been tweaking and tweaking and tweaking. I’ll probably do another simple ask before I finish this big one. 


Maybe I could a pease you with doodles of the boys?

Here have some Winchester backstory~

John, Dean and Sam were in a really bad car accident when the boys were 16 and 13 respectively. It wrecked the Impala, though Dean and John slowly rebuilt her. John was driving, it was at night and after a day of having Dean drive around more before his driving test. Dean was too tired to drive so John took the wheel for the ride home. They were hit in a T bone fashion, the car striking the passenger side where Dean was sitting, Sam was behind John. 

Dean suffered a lot of knee and hip problems, breaking his leg really badly and having his knee screwed up from the wreck as well as a nasty concussion. John had been diligent and had been sure both airbags worked, but it was still a bad crash. Luckily John and Sam didn’t have any lasting injuries, despite the fact the car rolled twice, having been pushed off the side of the road where it declined in a slope. 

Dean was already bowlegged before the accident and when he was finally walking around without assistance again it was a bit worse. He had tried to go to college when he was 19, but he couldn’t get around very well yet. He hadn’t had the best physical therapists and he wasn’t as careful on himself as he should have been. He decided to wait until Sam went off to Stanford, his dream school though everyone knew he’d get in, to go back to school.

Sometimes he gets really bad nightmares and will wake up sore, his leg aching. He’ll get up and pace until he calms down, sometimes a phantom limp making it harder to do. He’s careful not to wake up Gabriel or Castiel, though sometimes when Cas is up to get something or to go to the bathroom he’ll find Dean limping up and down the hall and will invite him into the kitchen where he makes a small pot of tea and make Dean have a cup and distract him with small talk, sometimes making something for them to eat.

Dean doesn’t try to let it show, because he’s Dean Winchester, but he really appreciates it when Cas does this. He usually doesn’t drink tea, but he’ll drink the cup Cas sets in front of him, eat whatever is on the plate Cas lays before him, and talk about unimportant things until he doesn’t remember the nightmare and the tea, which makes it easier to sleep, starts to kick in and he and Cas head back to their respective rooms and turn in for the night, though this time its not interrupted by nightmares on Dean’s part.